Little White Lies

Oh, here you are, this is made just for you.
It’s all I can do to make this better
but I know, it’s getting worse.

Your time has come to struggle hard
for your causes and goals.
You feel you’re weak, everything’s hopeless
and time is running out.

Use this one time and carry on.
I don’t mind at all, don’t get me wrong.
Use this just once and take all the time you need,
prepare yourself.

Tomorrow you’ll have another goal
and you will need all the love you might not need today.
You feel, all the help you have, doesn’t seem to offer any kind of relief.

When you get that feeling, think back how you found me
and just let go.
Tell yourself this is real, just what you need.
Little white lies are always there to help you out.

Broken Day

A broken day among others
and no one willing to fix.

These days I live in,
the weather is damp and the sky has no color.
Everything, that gets under my skin
feels more distant than before.

What if all those thoughts don’t matter a thing.
What if all those bad things remain within
when you’re with him.

A broken day between others,
it’s starting feel like it’s the fate.
I try to do something with my life,
at least I try before it is too late.


Hey, I saw you there,
walking down the stairs yesterday.
We shared a glance, do you remember?
If you don’t, return this to sender.
Anyway, I think I fell right there.
I fell for you and I stumbled too.
I was the guy with nervous smile,
brown eyes, dark hair, ring a bell?

I can’t get you out of my mind, I think this must be
true love.
I don’t know one thing about you, still I feel so cold without you.
Could you write back to me.

I was the guy, hanging at the club the other night.
From the shadows I was watching you,
I bet you saw me standing there.a
And you, you were dancing with your friends,
I wanted too but didn’t after all.
Could you write me back if you remember.

Lighthearted Kid

Lighthearted kid, world offers you a weight as you grow.
It’s given by the ones who leave this world behind.
A need to find a way to remain in light.

When I was young, lighthearted one,
there was nothing that could come my way.
Everyday I spent was better than the last
and the future seemed to be even brighter than the past.

The first shadows came from a girl,
who stood me up in the schoolyard in front of an audience.
That summer I walked around with eyes full of tears.
I learned to miss the times when I was free from all fears.


Loving you is a full time job
and you know it.
The money and time I’ve spent on you
is more than a handful.

The things I do to get on your good side
are sometimes out of line.
I’m not a toy, I’m a normal boy but you just don’t care.

My friends say: ‘leave before it’s too late’ but I’m not going to.
You’ll do me harm with your charm, still I kinda like it.

All I see, is you and your needs.
I’ll be whatever you want me to, I’ll see whatever you want me to.

After all, this is what I wanted.
I made a deal with Devil herself,
she smiled at me and told her name was Music.

I’m aware, that you’ve been around, all over the place.
Once again you come back to me, with an honest face.
I let it slide, I swallow my pride. I do it every night.

Can’t you see,I’m just having a good time.
If it feels right it can’t be wrong,
being with you makes me strong.

I might be wrong with this but yet I feel I’m not.
I wish that everyone could have this what I’ve got.
The thought of the world without you, it makes me sick.
You have to clap your hands like a fool and dance to my Music.

Why Do You Treat Me So Bad

You’re a sight for my sore eyes.
My sore eyes see only you.
Only you can make me forget who I am.
I am all for you, but you don’t seem to give a damn.

Why do you treat me so bad,
why do you treat me so bad?
It makes me heavenly sad,
no matter if we’re apart or together again.

I promise to be good if you want to.
I want to do it just for you.
For you I’d build the heavens above.
For heavens sake I do love you.

Why do you treat me so bad,
why do you treat me so bad?
It makes me heavenly sad,
why do you hate me so bad?
I think about you still, whether we’re apart or together again.
Why do you treat me so bad?
Is it something that I did, because I don’t know anymore.

Growing Up

Tell me where and when, how and why.
Share with me a tale about your past.
Tell me please because I’m wondering.
Have you always been so kind at heart, like you are today.

Sometimes I dream about us way back when,
spending all those endless days together.
But if I’d known you when we were young
I wouldn’t have the chance to take this part
of learning your heart.

I hope it takes a lifetime, Oh such a long time.
Please tell me everything.

I still remember when I was five years old,
though most of those memories are now gone.
Way back then it wasn’t all that bad to spend the day in pouring rain.
Seems that every yesterday I spent was ment for me.
Today you’re all I see

We are always in a hurry growing up
and we always want the things we haven’t got.
I fear, you won’t see me as I am, half a man.
I fear being a grown up instead of acting one.
Just let me pretend.

Setting Sun

I’ve been sitting right here by the wall
and thinking about it way too long.
I have seen so many friends go over it
a hundred times, again and again.

All I see is a setting sun, but doesn’t it mean there’s a new day coming.
All I see is a waisted chance, but shouldn’t that mean they give me another.

I’ve been waiting long enough already.
I’ve been trying to get my share.
I think I know what it takes to get there,
but then again, why is it so hard.

For so long I failed to see a thing that matters.
All this time I was wrong.

Everyone who stands in line in front of me
gives me help.

After The Day Is Done

Down and troubled mind,
highlights and ideas as big as life itself.
I was given too much time.
I just spill it here and there ‘cos i don’t care.

I can’t seem to get anything done
and every night is a lonely one.

Pieces falling on the ground,
fingers crossed that I will find every one.
I truly hope that I could learn
a better way to build the puzzle this time.

I don’t know how to do this
and still remain in one piece.
If I do, I will lose it.
I’m right back where I came from, back to square one.

At this point I trust myself,
I feel I cannot loose the grip all over again.
This could be my only chance
to get it finished and over with.
But it’s just down and troubled mind,
highlights and ideas as big as life itself.

Where every night is a lonely one,
it’s all coming down again.

After the day is done,
I’m going back there, my only friend

Create a Scene

On a subway, there breaks out a fight.
Think you’ve heard this before? You haven’t, it’s out of sight.
It’s a story behind things you might not think of, you’ll see.
So pay attention and listen to me.

Old lady gets a nervous breakdown
because the youngones don’t give her a seat.
So she takes aim, shoots some death rays,
they come straight from her kane.
Kids learned their lesson, they won’t behave the same.

You look so bored, I’m trying to cheer you up.
You people are just standing there, not doing a single thing.
Make an effort, create a scene.

You look so bored, I’m trying to cheer you up.
It’s all about point-of-views so could you point you view to me,
there’s a world out there you haven’t seen.

Everytime you’re stuck in traffic,
think the cars as living beings.
They’ve got characters
with talking heads as passengers unwillingly.

Hey I know, it is another story
but it makes the boring moments worthwhile.
Does it matter if it is a little something that I made up.
If I could get another smile,
my work here would be done.