New Paradise

Hey You.

It’s been a while.

So here we are, the secret’s out and what a great feeling it is!

We’re at the musicvideo shoot and since the schedules stretch a little, as they always do, I decided to drop a couple of lines.

There’s been a hell of a great response to our new Paradise! It feels always super nervous to release anything new and we know it took our sweet time to get here but now the game is on and what’s a better way to start releasing new songs, than in a contest that displays New Music from Finland!

Some of you have asked already why in the earth we decided to take part in such a circus.

I give you two reasons.

First of all, during the years every time when we’ve released music there’s always been one certain phrase that has been popping up here and there, in conversations, musicvideo comments etc. The phrase goes: “How come you’re not competing in the Eurovision song contest?”

We’ve been toying with the idea over the years, but for instance with ‘Don’t Break My Corazon’ we were in the middle of music biz stuff when the audition for the songs was open. So the timing has been off, or we’ve felt the song’s not right for it.
With Paradise everything was in place just in time when YLE started to search for new songs for UMK. So we decided to go for it, we sent the song, hoped for the best and you know the rest. Still can’t quite get my head around the fact we’re amongst the ten finalists!

And the fact that the finals take place in one of Finlands biggest arenas, well.. that sounds just like a job for good ol’ MFB! ;D

Secondly and most importantly, we LOVE THAT CIRCUS!

There’s a little ESC fan that lives in me personally. Let’s face it, as a singer you can’t help but bump into eurovision songs no matter what genre you’re in love with. And if you’re in love with pop music, it’s a world where one must dive into at some point.

The overall craziness and the passion for great performances accompanied by great songs are definitely things what we as a band respect as well.

Also, the level of enthusiasm among the ESC hardcore fans is so admirable. It’s been heart warming to read the reviews you have been writing about the finalist songs. Also the more ‘constructive’ reviews have been an interesting read. We also came across with a few so passionately written ‘i hate it’-reviews I couldn’t help but think what a great power music has. Music is passion goddamit, and in the world of ESC the passion is thick in the air. Love that!

I’ll get back to it all later on, now it’s time to go to record some dancing queen moves for a song that’s fun and sexy! 😉




The guys say Hi!

Are you there?

Hey peeps,

Antti here, still ill. So as I’m sniffing and sneezing at my house with a cup of salami tea, I had this spur-of-a-moment idea to write something that’s been on my mind lately: Appreance and social behaviour, especially in social media.

Us finns are usually pretty shy by nature, in some ways at least, and I sometimes get the vibe you fans would like to see more posts, instapics, videohellos etc. from us. You may be thinking: “The guys have all the social channels, instagrams etc. to share stuff, so why being so silent? I bet they’re writing songs, recording stuff hanging out, having a party, so why they don’t let us more in?”

To be honest, most of the week is usually so boring or busy as hell I can’t see how anyone would love to see more of us posting pics of salami tea or grabbing a quick lunch.=D
But being super active in the Facebook etc. is of course something most of the young artists and bands nowadays do. But it wasn’t always like that. Back in the day, you’d see an interview on a magazine of the artist you love, buy the album, listen to it a million times while reading the booklet and deep scanning all of the booklet’s photos. After that, maybe a live concert, but after that?

A total radio silence from the artist’s end.

Why? Because He/She/they were busy creating something new, something that hasn’t been there before, something that would blow your mind again and because there wasn’t no internet shouting “Share something with us!” on the same screen where you’re creating that something new. So as a fan you’d have to wait for it, since creating mind blowing new worlds can’t be created just like that. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it would take years. But us fans, we would wait without hearing or seeing any glimpse from our Artist until after a long wait something would happen.

And when the day finally came, GOD I TELL YOU HOW GOOD THE WAIT FELT AT THAT POINT!

And this is the reason why we’re not telling you all the time what we’re doing, or how’s that song coming along. We believe there’s something great the way old world worked. If we let you see glimpses of how the songs are coming together and post drafts of the different lyrics versions, the day you get your hands on the album will be fun, but not mind blowing. And fun is boring, mind blowing sounds MUCH more fun, eh?=D

Of course this makes the wait for you much worse as it does to us. We can see how things are slowly coming together, and you just have to take our word for it.

I can hear now someone from the back row saying: “But hey, that was the old days, the world has changed, you now have to interact with the people you make music to”. That’s a great point and interacting IS fun. But it feels right and good when there’s new music’s out, or gigs and tours, interviews etc. going on. We’re not THAT old fashioned.=)

So this is only an issue when the bands or artists are in the middle of making new music. The second we start to release something, go to tour, reherse for it etc. etc. do something that’s worth the while we go on a posting spree, as you saw back in the Corazon era.

The salami tea is done, better get me another cup.

Wishing you all a great week, with loads of love!


I let you in a little…


We all have them, right?

Some are better at keeping them while others simply can’t hold one. Especially if the secret is a happy one, good news of some sort.

I love the feeling when I’m holding back something I know people are dying to know, and especially when I know revealing the mystery is going to be good.

In the band business you have to keep a lot of different kind of secrets. For instance, when making new songs which cannot be just yet introduced to others and you’re dying to do so Or when planning a tour and you can’t release the news juuust yet, when recording the music and waiting for the album to be released. These are but a few of the most basic ones, and they all have that same kind of ‘kid on xmas morning’ type of tingle in them.

As I’m writing this we’re starting to step into a secret-phase with the new album that’s maybe the most challenging one for me:

Here I am, listening to some songs Jurek sent us, which are pretty much at their final stage. These songs were made in the song camp this May, which we somewhat covered on FB as well.


And these songs, they are so fucking good.

In a way, it’s different stuff like ever before from us, at least that’s how it feels.

It’s almost like you had a complete makeover as a person and now you’re behind the curtains, waiting for them to open up and you get to show your new ‘me’ to everybody.

Talk about a great secret! So believe when I tell you:

I would L O V E to show you guys the new ‘me’ of MFB already!

I mean, I could just send the link to the songs, couldn’t I? Post it on Facebook. Wait for reaction. Xmas coming early this year babeees!

I was toying around with the same idea when ‘Corazon’ was coming together.

But of course I know I can’t do that, it would’t be wise. The guys would be pissed at me and we’d ruin the surprise for you. See, making great surprises is hard and you really have to plan them in order to Really have that W O W -effect. That’s why single releases, album releases and tour releases ought to go hand in hand.

But you know, the most weird thing is, I can’t play these songs to just about anyone but still I have to talk about them pretty often with different people. A lot of you have been coming to see us play whateverwhenever and of course it’s a topic to discuss: ‘what kind of music are the new songs?’

So I describe them with some vague words knowing it could take a good while for these people to get their hands on the songs we’ve been blasting nonstop for a while now, and I feel so sad for the these people. I know they’d love to hear the songs!

So I say something but no too much, you must not ruin the surprise, you know?

If you read the lines all the way down to here you may guessed it already:

this is not the blogpost that reveals surprises, it’s a blogpost just about secrets.=)

I’m starting my vacation for real tomorrow, heading to the wilderness, under the radar. Our producer fella Jurek went that way already week ago when he sent us the songs I told you couple of lines earlier. Heikki, Heikki, Mikko and Juho are keeping theirselves busy with their summerjobs. So you might not be hearing from us for a few weeks but then again you never know. Maybe we post something.=)

It’s been a hectic spring for us, we got great songs out from it and now it’s time to lay low for a while before we begin the final stretch for the album recordings at the end of the summer.

I hope you all will have a fantastic summertime. You all have a very dear spot in our hearts, you know that right? XOXO!


Antti boy


I guess it’s too rude not to reveal any secrets in this post since I hinted that way already in the topic, so I’ll let you in a little secret that’s a personal one:

Many of you may know I’m somewhat serious running enthusiast. I especially love the endurance stuff, long runs etc.

The very reason I ever started doing them involved MFB and making albums. After ‘Mercury&Glitter’ I realised things just won’t happen fast in the crazy world making-the-band-go-forward. I had too much of a hasty mind and it was causing me troubles, I was depressed about it etc. So somehow I had this crazy idea. I start rehearsing my running skills for a marathon. I figured that teaches me some skills building a stronger mind and temper to handle the slower times on the path we’ve chosen. I still get hasty, I’m an enthusastic when it comes to music, but because of running, it’s more tolerable now.

I ran the first marathon 2 years ago, a week from here it’s time to run the next one! =)

It’s time to update the status.

Hey all,

Hope you’ve had a great easter holiday!

We’ve been laying low for a few days now as well, so I thought I’ll give you a little status update, since the spring is just around the corner and all.

First things first: The record is coming along great and just recently we’ve been working the tracks with a new producer guy who’s basically the hottest shit in Finland (after this record perhaps in the whole Europe=) to put things politely. It’s been really refreshing and exciting, all of us are super psyched to be working with him!

When we started working on the songs for this album we never realised it would take this long to get the album done but now it really starts to feel we have the songs we need and we’re ready for the final stretch! And god it feels goood!

It’s time to update the status.

Have no idea why I’m blushing and why Heikki isn’t playing but is on Facebook. Here’s also Jurek, the producerwizzard guy!

Things never go as planned and I have no real reason why it’s been taking longer we expected. It’s been pretty hard at times, to be honest. The hardest process so far, challenging but rewarding.

As I’ve written on many occasions, we don’t want to push this, it’s a super important record we’re making here, and we want to give it our best effort, and it can’t be forced. It sometimes takes time to get that relaxed feel to everything creative you do, and Now we feel we’re in THAT place. And it feels sooo goood!

This will affect to the music we’ve been doing and I bet you’ll be surprised to hear what My First Band sounds like when you get your hands on the new material! I mean, we’ve got some tracks that make us go like

YES F#”€/&”(#/&CK THIS IS THE F#24378549873IN SHI2098T!!!

In other words: Great.


Still continuing on the important issues. Every single time we get to meet you guys in whatever situation this is the first question that pops up: How about some gigs??????? When we’ll see each other again?? I don’t blame you, it’s the question I always present to the bands I love (well in my head but still=D).

We, My First Band, still won’t be making any gigs for the next 6 months or so.

Why, you ask? Because of the album being still in progress. During this spring/summer we’ll finish the recordings and we want to focus on that.

We want to play new songs, and therefore it’s all about making them first, then coming back on the stages and presenting them to you. This is pretty normal rotation for any band I’m familiar with and we’re following this road as well.

I think the decision to try to do as much gigs as possible, and the album at the same time would be a poor one. In the end you’d get a burned out band sick of their old stuff and a mediocre new album full of weird stuff which isn’t truly approved by the band. This was a tough decision, since we’d love to play shows to you but this is how we’ll do it. The next shows come alongside the next single and album releases.

But since we’re musicians and playing music is what we do for a living some of us got “summerjobs” so to speak. Some of you spotted Mikko and Juho behind theire ex-PMMP -pal Paula Vesala last week, and Heikki K’s been doing gigs with other acts as well.

And since we got eyes and ears in every corner of the internet we heard this got some of you questioning the very existence of My First Band.

Do not be afraid.

We’re Not quitting, not a chance.

There will be no personnel changes, you’re stuck with us!

We’ve worked so long and hard to get to the place where we’re now, it would be mad to just stop everything! We wanna go further. A lot further.

So the guys satisfy their music-playing and bills-paying needs playing some shows with other acts while MFB’s not active live. As Juho put it nicely: “play gigs during the night, do the record during the day.” =D

MFB is the band for me, so I’ll focus fully on the record and in the meantime try to run as far as I can (I’m really gotten into that marathon-thingy u know). Heikki P will be with me but he’s more of a gym guy, so I got the speed, he’s got the muscles.

Well this got a bit weird and sidetracked so I’ll sign off now.

So darlings,

We’re here, pushing forward, missing you, loving what we do,




An important accessory for every recording studio. A sign that says politely “This is Bullshit!”. We’ve needed it many times. Love it!

Drug Of Heart

AHH! To be on the road again! We’re on our way to Pori to do a gig tonight at Pori Jazz festival.

I‘ve just finished a song that goes by the same working title as this blog post. A song that tries to describe the tricky, overwhelming and all consuming relationship between Yours Truly and the craft of making music.

It’s been almost six months since the last blogpost and during that time it hasn’t been much else than writing new songs. We’ve written a lot. I can’t count how many (since I ain’t good with math;). It’s still uncertain which songs will make the cut to the album, and the chances are you won’t ever get to hear the song that goes by the name ‘Drug of Heart’.

So yes, the album is pretty much all we’ve been doing. And it hasn’t been all that easy.

We’ve had to witness burn outs, break ups and fall outs during the last months.

Album making takes its toll. It’s time consuming and money consuming stuff which fills your life and leaves a little space for other people in your world, if none.

On the other hand, the ups and downs give you a plenty of fuel for the songwriting.

The fourth album will be so personal it gives me the creeps. Words from break out letters, lovelines, silent thoughts of diaries. At the moment we’re exhausted of creating the new but I love the material everybody’s been writing. As I’ve seen a friend struggling and afterwards he comes up to me with a song, it’s almost a sacred moment to get your hands on it.

And when doing the album, no matter how badly you’d like to go on a tour it just isn’t a wise move. So we’re dying to get on the gigs but since the situation we’re in we still have to wait some time to be able to tour again especially outside Finland. And that leads me to you. Honestly, the whole last year and especially the sold out november tour we did in Germany, Austria and Switzerland haunts in my mind on a daily basis The hospitality and the level of devotion you guys have is something so humbling. So to answer the most asked question: Yes. We do miss you. We’ve met quite many of you in Finland after the tour and it has always been an unexpected but nice surprise!

Nevertheless, I don’t like this vibe of nostalgia I many times get trapped into. It’s nice to think about the past but it needs to be the fuel to do great things in the future.

By now you’ve all realized we’re not that big of a band, but we dream big and work for the dreams we have. We’ve met so many people and received loads of messages telling how empowering the special moments of ‘building the house’ together are, and therefore we can’t stop here.

IMG_5470 IMG_5476 IMG_5477

So here we are, in this nice little ‘bus’ of ours, ready to give the jazz festival the touch of ’the 11’ it needs. Tonight we’re playing a couple of new songs for the very first time and everybody’s excited! The album is almost recorded and though it still has to make a quite a trip to make it all the way into your hands it feels great to see and hear it come to live on the stage tonight at least a little bit.

It’s the drug of my heart babies!

Take care now,


Remember the old, face the new.

Hey all.

I hope these past days have served you well and you’ve had a chance to take it easy and spend some time with VIP’s of your lives. Personally the break couldn’t have come at a better time.

I’ve been meaning to write something ever since Corazon On Tour got gloriously buried somewhere beneath the viennese railroad track after a dynamite show in Club Chelsea. There just haven’t been any words. And there won’t be much now either.

Every single person who saw us live this year has probably realised that this year has been very, very important for us. I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere in the distant future we’d look back and realise the year 2014 was a turning point for our group in many ways. We got to play so many great shows to so many great audiences (and as I’ve said to many of you, it always takes these two to make the evening a never-forget-moment). We’ve met so many new people, and made a bunch of new friends. We’ve been lucky but we’ve been working our asses off too, and I bet those two things reflect especially on the live situations. The energy those two things create is sincere and you guys in the audience could tell in a heartbeat if that energy was fake. And the amount of great reception we have received on our new music, latest album and on the live shows from you, the fans and listeners has been just overwhelming. There’s been so many times during the past months where the five of us have been just sitting silently in the same backstage, not saying a word. That kind of honest reception from you is humbling and just makes one speechless. We must have done something good in our lives to be able to experience this.

For these things I want to thank each and every single one of You. Thanks for being there and making it possible.

After the tour we’ve been continuing the recordings and writing songs for the next album.

This is the time of year when people in the band take the combined summer/easter/springbreak/christmasholiday and usually travel somewhere. Mikko just left last night, I think he went to USA. I’m leaving southbound in a few days, the rest of us are staying here or traveling far towards the east.

Before I pack my bags, I’ll record some vocals on the new songs and I’ve got to say this new stuff is something we’re all super excited about. Hope you could hear it already but we want to make it even better so you’ll just have to wait. After all, Corazon was released just a half a year ago.

I can however reveal, the new songs will contain something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, like great pop music always. It’ll be the holy matrimony of pop & rock! HA! =D

To every one of you dear readers us 5 and Janne & Kilu want to wish a great New Year, make it a good one!

2015, we’re ready, BRING IT!

P.S. I went through some of my personal 2014 photomemories, hope you enjoy them. =)


Bad santa looking for some ho's

Bad santa looking for some ho’s

No idea.

No idea.

Janne turned the single room without a balcony to a single room with a balcony

Janne turned the single room without a balcony to a single room with a balcony

Frühstück at Kogge, Hamburg

Frühstück at Kogge, Hamburg

One of the most important guys making the Corazon On Tour to happen. Herr Marcus Pohl, our tour manager. A brilliant guy!

One of the most important guys making the Corazon On Tour. Herr Marcus Pohl, our tour manager (and Scorpions’ and Scooter’s too!). A brilliant guy!

Janne & Mikko watching eh, some TV maybe.

Janne & Mikko watching eh, some TV maybe.

The backstage or backschloss at Tüssling was a cosy place

The backstage or backschloss at Tüssling was a cosy place

Mikko & Heikki in february.

Mikko & Heikki in february.

Mikko doing something illegal in Frankfurt

Mikko doing something illegal in Frankfurt

Poor guy, all he wanted to do was to visit Facebook but he fell asleep.

Poor guy, all he wanted to do was to visit Facebook but he fell asleep.

A moment of panic, and we had a lot of these. We go live in about 5 minutes and Heikki's shoe calls it quits.

A moment of panic, and we had a lot of these. We go live in about 5 minutes and Heikki’s shoe calls it quits.

A bunch of sleeping nerds in Vienna.

Two sleeping nerds in Vienna.

Mikko and anonymous runner guy filling up the support + Finnish crews nightliner.

Mikko and anonymous runner guy filling up the support + Finnish crews nightliner.

Broken day

Hey guys,

just arrived back to the backstage after the signing session in Munich and I want to write quickly something on the spur of the moment.

I want to tell you about tourblues, or tour depression. I’ve experienced after-tour-depression and that one’s still well on its way but this one’s different, it hits you on tour. You could also call it homesickness. We’ve been on the road now for 1,5weeks. It’s not a long time in a man’s life but the amount of great and epic stuff that happens in that time is like a time machine. Right now I feel we’ve been touring for Years.

So, today I woke up suffering the tour blues. You never know when it’s gonna hit you. The last time for me was back in february tour after the Berlin gig. Felt like being alone and taking a looooong shower. Today I’ve been suffering it the whole day. Today I’ve been missing important people back in Finland, my family, and haven’t found the right way in my mind to cherish and appreciate this weird stage of being a nomad for a moment.

And it has made me feel bad, guilty in a way. Here we are, bunch of best friends playing sold out shows after another for people so enthusiastic, people who really get what we’re about musically, and all of a sudden I find it hard to realize how extraordinary thing this is. After all, it’s something the all 5 of us have been striving for over 10 years now. So when you suddenly get hit by the tour blues the day starts to feel like in a song I once wrote:

These days I live in,

the weather is damp and the sky has no color.

Everything, that gets under my skin

feels more distant than before.


So that’s the way my day’s been. A tourist in my own weird life.


The clock strikes 8PM and the start tape of the gig goes live.
I forget everything, and during the show I just feel how the music and singing corrects every single thing in my thought process. Putting everything in order, in the right shape. It feels right and real.

And every single time in my short life, when I’ve felt off or bad, and I’ve had the chance to play a show on the same day, it’s been the same way.

Therefore I know we gave you a good show tonight in Munich.

I felt it from you guys in the audience.

I know we served a purpose,

I know I sang for a reason.

I have no more tour blues.

Thank You for that.

Zürich, see you tomorrow! 😉


First We Take Berlin

A tired hello to you all from the hotel room. Treated myself with a Mustafa’s gemüse döner (of course!) and a beer. The guys went out, say Hi if you see them in Kreutzberg.

I was too tired and still, unfortunately, a bit sick.
We arrived here early in the morning with a full schedule of a day. The program of today was to do some songwriting with the locals in this cool studio complex right near the Tempelhof airport. That’s a location that’s very dear to me, since it already gave me a kick a few years ago to write a song that goes by the name Parachute, maybe you’ve heard it?=)
So location of the studio was really a good omen. We had a great and a long day, straight from the airport to the sessions and 9 hours later with no real mealbreak we had witnessed the births of two new songs. Naturally it remains to be seen whether they make the cut to the next album or somewhere, but nevertheless, we had a great time and made some new friends!
The previous weeks organising the tour have been just super busy. There’s so much on the to-do list and things are piling up. And just to make sure we have enough drama on the tour I got sick last thursday and have been trying to recover myself with everything possible. Today’s been pretty good, but there’s still something gnarly in my throat trying to make things hard for me. I’ll try to get a long intensive night of sleeping and hopefully tomorrow is even better. After all, we don’t have time to get sick and down with something nasty, we got shows to do when Corazon Goes On Tour tomorrow!
2 weeks, 10 shows, three countries, gazillion kilometres and so many sold out gigs already! This is really building up to be something epic and a great big thanks of it all goes to You! So get your partypants ready and have a good warm up. Sick or not, tomorrow it starts, and unlike Leonard Cohen wrote it, we take Berlin first!
See you on tour, it’s great to be back!

The Death Of Summer

Summer dies tonight, and I can’t think of any better location and weather to end it than a warm summer day in Halle.

We arrived to the venue already last night. Some of us went to bed early. Some of us didn’t. However, today everyone through out the whole crew has been really relaxed and in a great mood. Everyone knows the summer ends this weekend and really can feel it. The day is warm and calm. It’s almost like the nature can predict that around 7PM tonight all hell breaks loose and people gather for the one last final time to celebrate the ending of this season. It’s calm before the storm.


All day long we’ve been reminiscning stuff that has happened during the summer gigs. Laughing at great memories, hugging. Nobody’s sad, everyone knows all tours end at some point. It would be a bittersweet moment, but because summer turns to autumn and we go for another tour, it’s really hard to go weeping and being sad about the death of this summer. After all, it has served us better than we ever could’ve imagine.


I’ve said this many times already but I’ll say it once more. The gigs we’ve done have been amazing. We’re really glad and honoured to get such feedback from you. It’s great to know it’s been as good to you as it has been for us. This summer and the tour in February have been the perfect breeding ground for a hungry band. But the audience and the crew are the reason why the shows are great. The band is just a band and the music it makes are just notes. But when a band plays the songs for the audience, it responses to the notes they hear and transforms them into feelings and music.


We want to thank every soul who attended these summer gigs.

We want to thank the Unholy Ground tour crew as a whole.

We want to thank Sunrise Ave for giving us this opportunity, hopefully it’s been as easy and fun to you guys as it has been to us.

If I forgot somebody, don’t think bad of me. My mind’s already focusing on the show. I’m going to sing my heart and brains out!

One more and the honeymoon is over.


Rest In Peace Summer of love ’14, it was beautiful! Let’s rock like fuck!




Back On The Saddle

GOOD MORNING! Woke up early this morning, or well before 9 at least and replied some of the messages you guys have been sending. It’s starting to look the “jet lag” from weekend’s trip has been overcome.

The evening flight from Cologne trip gave us a chance to do something we’ve been waiting to do for a long time. We went dancing after the gig.

We had some friends watching the show in Cologne and with their assistance we ended up to this really small and local joint, playing nothing but nice songs and cheap kölsch!

Before that I went with Puhakainen to say hi to Samu and the guys at their hotel’s lobby. There was a one man band doing a show in the bar and instantly started another one man show from our merry finnish synthesizer wizard; Heikki was so excited the man’s performance he started doing cartwheels and singing at the lobby. You don’t see that everyday in a 5star place.

We had a possibility to do a two weeks vacation before Cologne and I think it showed, in many ways. It’s weird, you’ve been doing gigs for years and years now, and still if you get more than a week’s break from the stage the first gig after the break is a bit more nervous, at least for me. Add a morning flight that is wayyy too early and just two hours of sleep and things start to happen. There were a couple of moments in Cologne when the grab from my microphone wasn’t too firm and I was stumbling on the mic cable as well wayyy too much (I cracked up seeing the “Don’t fall of the stage”- cardboard in the audience!=). But the best thing was, I enjoyed it all. I kept thinking: naah fuck it. If the audience is having that much fun and doesn’t affect the gig at all, then it shouldn’t affect me neither.  And from that point on I was just laughing at my poor mic handling and got really relaxed.

The day after the gig in Cologne really showed why people kept talking about this city. THE PEOPLE! I kept strolling about the city and met some of you guys from the concert audience at the Dom. I also had other fun encounters. On my way back to the hotel this 20 something woman stops me and asks ‘where’s the erotic shop’. I guess I was looking like I should know but didn’t have a clue. Since I wasn’t in a hurry, I tagged up with the girl and we started our search for the world of Erotica together. Despite our best efforts we couldn’t find it, but you know as they say, it’s all about the journey. After the ‘erotic shop’ incident came the ‘two russian ladies searching for their hotel’- incident. Yet again I had nothing better to do and I escorted the ladies to their hotel which was right next to ours. You know, it’s nice to help people!=D

Just before leaving to the airport I hooked up with the rest of our group. Nearby was a bierstube  with the owner having already one too many kölches, and it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon. We just Had to take a group picture with the owner because soon it was time to start our trip back to Helsinki. It’s so daaamn great to come back to this beautiful city in November.


This week holds two very important gigs that will be saved to the books: Our First Festival Show in Germany at Hammer Summer, where we’re described as ‘Die fünf sympathischen Finnen’. How did they know?=D Hope the description remains also after the gig=). We’re also starting the gigs in our beloved home country this week in a small town of Vääksy and their summer festival Kanavarock. During the summer Finland is bursting with summer festivals and almost every city and village spends the summer having at least one of those. We’ll see friend bands, friends and Finnish audience we haven’t seen since Tavastia in May. Can’t WAIT!! And again the traveling schedule holds up couple of early morning flights so I think the gigs this week will be something else, again. Maybe I’ll just tape that mic into my hand.

Just unloaded my bag and soon get a chance to pack up again. As they say, it’s all about the journey. LOVEIT!


– Antti

FIN: ///Toivottavasti nähdään Vääksyssä sankoin joukoin. Lineup on tosi siisti ja kiva päästä täräyttämään kotiyleisölle nyt kun tuolla etelässä hommaa on jonkunverran jo harjoiteltu!///

GER: ///Saturday in Cologne it really looked like the locals we’re starting to get nervous in a good way for the upcoming football grande finale and for a reason.
The best team won. Congrats Germany, you’ve earned it!///