New Paradise

Hey You.

It’s been a while.

So here we are, the secret’s out and what a great feeling it is!

We’re at the musicvideo shoot and since the schedules stretch a little, as they always do, I decided to drop a couple of lines.

There’s been a hell of a great response to our new Paradise! It feels always super nervous to release anything new and we know it took our sweet time to get here but now the game is on and what’s a better way to start releasing new songs, than in a contest that displays New Music from Finland!

Some of you have asked already why in the earth we decided to take part in such a circus.

I give you two reasons.

First of all, during the years every time when we’ve released music there’s always been one certain phrase that has been popping up here and there, in conversations, musicvideo comments etc. The phrase goes: “How come you’re not competing in the Eurovision song contest?”

We’ve been toying with the idea over the years, but for instance with ‘Don’t Break My Corazon’ we were in the middle of music biz stuff when the audition for the songs was open. So the timing has been off, or we’ve felt the song’s not right for it.
With Paradise everything was in place just in time when YLE started to search for new songs for UMK. So we decided to go for it, we sent the song, hoped for the best and you know the rest. Still can’t quite get my head around the fact we’re amongst the ten finalists!

And the fact that the finals take place in one of Finlands biggest arenas, well.. that sounds just like a job for good ol’ MFB! ;D

Secondly and most importantly, we LOVE THAT CIRCUS!

There’s a little ESC fan that lives in me personally. Let’s face it, as a singer you can’t help but bump into eurovision songs no matter what genre you’re in love with. And if you’re in love with pop music, it’s a world where one must dive into at some point.

The overall craziness and the passion for great performances accompanied by great songs are definitely things what we as a band respect as well.

Also, the level of enthusiasm among the ESC hardcore fans is so admirable. It’s been heart warming to read the reviews you have been writing about the finalist songs. Also the more ‘constructive’ reviews have been an interesting read. We also came across with a few so passionately written ‘i hate it’-reviews I couldn’t help but think what a great power music has. Music is passion goddamit, and in the world of ESC the passion is thick in the air. Love that!

I’ll get back to it all later on, now it’s time to go to record some dancing queen moves for a song that’s fun and sexy! 😉




The guys say Hi!