I let you in a little…


We all have them, right?

Some are better at keeping them while others simply can’t hold one. Especially if the secret is a happy one, good news of some sort.

I love the feeling when I’m holding back something I know people are dying to know, and especially when I know revealing the mystery is going to be good.

In the band business you have to keep a lot of different kind of secrets. For instance, when making new songs which cannot be just yet introduced to others and you’re dying to do so Or when planning a tour and you can’t release the news juuust yet, when recording the music and waiting for the album to be released. These are but a few of the most basic ones, and they all have that same kind of ‘kid on xmas morning’ type of tingle in them.

As I’m writing this we’re starting to step into a secret-phase with the new album that’s maybe the most challenging one for me:

Here I am, listening to some songs Jurek sent us, which are pretty much at their final stage. These songs were made in the song camp this May, which we somewhat covered on FB as well.


And these songs, they are so fucking good.

In a way, it’s different stuff like ever before from us, at least that’s how it feels.

It’s almost like you had a complete makeover as a person and now you’re behind the curtains, waiting for them to open up and you get to show your new ‘me’ to everybody.

Talk about a great secret! So believe when I tell you:

I would L O V E to show you guys the new ‘me’ of MFB already!

I mean, I could just send the link to the songs, couldn’t I? Post it on Facebook. Wait for reaction. Xmas coming early this year babeees!

I was toying around with the same idea when ‘Corazon’ was coming together.

But of course I know I can’t do that, it would’t be wise. The guys would be pissed at me and we’d ruin the surprise for you. See, making great surprises is hard and you really have to plan them in order to Really have that W O W -effect. That’s why single releases, album releases and tour releases ought to go hand in hand.

But you know, the most weird thing is, I can’t play these songs to just about anyone but still I have to talk about them pretty often with different people. A lot of you have been coming to see us play whateverwhenever and of course it’s a topic to discuss: ‘what kind of music are the new songs?’

So I describe them with some vague words knowing it could take a good while for these people to get their hands on the songs we’ve been blasting nonstop for a while now, and I feel so sad for the these people. I know they’d love to hear the songs!

So I say something but no too much, you must not ruin the surprise, you know?

If you read the lines all the way down to here you may guessed it already:

this is not the blogpost that reveals surprises, it’s a blogpost just about secrets.=)

I’m starting my vacation for real tomorrow, heading to the wilderness, under the radar. Our producer fella Jurek went that way already week ago when he sent us the songs I told you couple of lines earlier. Heikki, Heikki, Mikko and Juho are keeping theirselves busy with their summerjobs. So you might not be hearing from us for a few weeks but then again you never know. Maybe we post something.=)

It’s been a hectic spring for us, we got great songs out from it and now it’s time to lay low for a while before we begin the final stretch for the album recordings at the end of the summer.

I hope you all will have a fantastic summertime. You all have a very dear spot in our hearts, you know that right? XOXO!


Antti boy


I guess it’s too rude not to reveal any secrets in this post since I hinted that way already in the topic, so I’ll let you in a little secret that’s a personal one:

Many of you may know I’m somewhat serious running enthusiast. I especially love the endurance stuff, long runs etc.

The very reason I ever started doing them involved MFB and making albums. After ‘Mercury&Glitter’ I realised things just won’t happen fast in the crazy world making-the-band-go-forward. I had too much of a hasty mind and it was causing me troubles, I was depressed about it etc. So somehow I had this crazy idea. I start rehearsing my running skills for a marathon. I figured that teaches me some skills building a stronger mind and temper to handle the slower times on the path we’ve chosen. I still get hasty, I’m an enthusastic when it comes to music, but because of running, it’s more tolerable now.

I ran the first marathon 2 years ago, a week from here it’s time to run the next one! =)