First We Take Berlin

A tired hello to you all from the hotel room. Treated myself with a Mustafa’s gemüse döner (of course!) and a beer. The guys went out, say Hi if you see them in Kreutzberg.

I was too tired and still, unfortunately, a bit sick.
We arrived here early in the morning with a full schedule of a day. The program of today was to do some songwriting with the locals in this cool studio complex right near the Tempelhof airport. That’s a location that’s very dear to me, since it already gave me a kick a few years ago to write a song that goes by the name Parachute, maybe you’ve heard it?=)
So location of the studio was really a good omen. We had a great and a long day, straight from the airport to the sessions and 9 hours later with no real mealbreak we had witnessed the births of two new songs. Naturally it remains to be seen whether they make the cut to the next album or somewhere, but nevertheless, we had a great time and made some new friends!
The previous weeks organising the tour have been just super busy. There’s so much on the to-do list and things are piling up. And just to make sure we have enough drama on the tour I got sick last thursday and have been trying to recover myself with everything possible. Today’s been pretty good, but there’s still something gnarly in my throat trying to make things hard for me. I’ll try to get a long intensive night of sleeping and hopefully tomorrow is even better. After all, we don’t have time to get sick and down with something nasty, we got shows to do when Corazon Goes On Tour tomorrow!
2 weeks, 10 shows, three countries, gazillion kilometres and so many sold out gigs already! This is really building up to be something epic and a great big thanks of it all goes to You! So get your partypants ready and have a good warm up. Sick or not, tomorrow it starts, and unlike Leonard Cohen wrote it, we take Berlin first!
See you on tour, it’s great to be back!