The Death Of Summer

Summer dies tonight, and I can’t think of any better location and weather to end it than a warm summer day in Halle.

We arrived to the venue already last night. Some of us went to bed early. Some of us didn’t. However, today everyone through out the whole crew has been really relaxed and in a great mood. Everyone knows the summer ends this weekend and really can feel it. The day is warm and calm. It’s almost like the nature can predict that around 7PM tonight all hell breaks loose and people gather for the one last final time to celebrate the ending of this season. It’s calm before the storm.


All day long we’ve been reminiscning stuff that has happened during the summer gigs. Laughing at great memories, hugging. Nobody’s sad, everyone knows all tours end at some point. It would be a bittersweet moment, but because summer turns to autumn and we go for another tour, it’s really hard to go weeping and being sad about the death of this summer. After all, it has served us better than we ever could’ve imagine.


I’ve said this many times already but I’ll say it once more. The gigs we’ve done have been amazing. We’re really glad and honoured to get such feedback from you. It’s great to know it’s been as good to you as it has been for us. This summer and the tour in February have been the perfect breeding ground for a hungry band. But the audience and the crew are the reason why the shows are great. The band is just a band and the music it makes are just notes. But when a band plays the songs for the audience, it responses to the notes they hear and transforms them into feelings and music.


We want to thank every soul who attended these summer gigs.

We want to thank the Unholy Ground tour crew as a whole.

We want to thank Sunrise Ave for giving us this opportunity, hopefully it’s been as easy and fun to you guys as it has been to us.

If I forgot somebody, don’t think bad of me. My mind’s already focusing on the show. I’m going to sing my heart and brains out!

One more and the honeymoon is over.


Rest In Peace Summer of love ’14, it was beautiful! Let’s rock like fuck!