Back On The Saddle

GOOD MORNING! Woke up early this morning, or well before 9 at least and replied some of the messages you guys have been sending. It’s starting to look the “jet lag” from weekend’s trip has been overcome.

The evening flight from Cologne trip gave us a chance to do something we’ve been waiting to do for a long time. We went dancing after the gig.

We had some friends watching the show in Cologne and with their assistance we ended up to this really small and local joint, playing nothing but nice songs and cheap kölsch!

Before that I went with Puhakainen to say hi to Samu and the guys at their hotel’s lobby. There was a one man band doing a show in the bar and instantly started another one man show from our merry finnish synthesizer wizard; Heikki was so excited the man’s performance he started doing cartwheels and singing at the lobby. You don’t see that everyday in a 5star place.

We had a possibility to do a two weeks vacation before Cologne and I think it showed, in many ways. It’s weird, you’ve been doing gigs for years and years now, and still if you get more than a week’s break from the stage the first gig after the break is a bit more nervous, at least for me. Add a morning flight that is wayyy too early and just two hours of sleep and things start to happen. There were a couple of moments in Cologne when the grab from my microphone wasn’t too firm and I was stumbling on the mic cable as well wayyy too much (I cracked up seeing the “Don’t fall of the stage”- cardboard in the audience!=). But the best thing was, I enjoyed it all. I kept thinking: naah fuck it. If the audience is having that much fun and doesn’t affect the gig at all, then it shouldn’t affect me neither.  And from that point on I was just laughing at my poor mic handling and got really relaxed.

The day after the gig in Cologne really showed why people kept talking about this city. THE PEOPLE! I kept strolling about the city and met some of you guys from the concert audience at the Dom. I also had other fun encounters. On my way back to the hotel this 20 something woman stops me and asks ‘where’s the erotic shop’. I guess I was looking like I should know but didn’t have a clue. Since I wasn’t in a hurry, I tagged up with the girl and we started our search for the world of Erotica together. Despite our best efforts we couldn’t find it, but you know as they say, it’s all about the journey. After the ‘erotic shop’ incident came the ‘two russian ladies searching for their hotel’- incident. Yet again I had nothing better to do and I escorted the ladies to their hotel which was right next to ours. You know, it’s nice to help people!=D

Just before leaving to the airport I hooked up with the rest of our group. Nearby was a bierstube  with the owner having already one too many kölches, and it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon. We just Had to take a group picture with the owner because soon it was time to start our trip back to Helsinki. It’s so daaamn great to come back to this beautiful city in November.


This week holds two very important gigs that will be saved to the books: Our First Festival Show in Germany at Hammer Summer, where we’re described as ‘Die fünf sympathischen Finnen’. How did they know?=D Hope the description remains also after the gig=). We’re also starting the gigs in our beloved home country this week in a small town of Vääksy and their summer festival Kanavarock. During the summer Finland is bursting with summer festivals and almost every city and village spends the summer having at least one of those. We’ll see friend bands, friends and Finnish audience we haven’t seen since Tavastia in May. Can’t WAIT!! And again the traveling schedule holds up couple of early morning flights so I think the gigs this week will be something else, again. Maybe I’ll just tape that mic into my hand.

Just unloaded my bag and soon get a chance to pack up again. As they say, it’s all about the journey. LOVEIT!


– Antti

FIN: ///Toivottavasti nähdään Vääksyssä sankoin joukoin. Lineup on tosi siisti ja kiva päästä täräyttämään kotiyleisölle nyt kun tuolla etelässä hommaa on jonkunverran jo harjoiteltu!///

GER: ///Saturday in Cologne it really looked like the locals we’re starting to get nervous in a good way for the upcoming football grande finale and for a reason.
The best team won. Congrats Germany, you’ve earned it!///